War Stories

“The Crusty Conservative” believes that life is on e big war with everyday bringing new battles to survive, to succeed. or just to live and enjoy life.  Like every war, life generates many War Stories. “the Crusty Conservative” has had numerous noteworthy experiences which  should be shared or recorded fro posterity. These are but a few:

 vive la franceor Vive French Arrogance

a War Story about how French Arrogance survives even thousand of miles from Paris

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War Story

kgbThe Crusty Conservative Meets the KGB

and what secret his friend who was a KGB agent accidentally reveled to him


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War Story

semper fiOkinawa Revisited

A US Navy Battlefield Surgeon revisits one of the island on which he served during WWII and has the final message for the enemy.

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War Story

pow campCrusty Conservative Meets A German POW

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War Story

italian pows 3“Prisoners In Paradise” 

How Italian POWs sat out the war in Los Angeles and interacted with the local Italian community.

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