Vince Flynn Remembered & Memorialized

Vince Flynn Remembered & Memorialized

Author & Patriot  Vince Flynn  @The Reagan Library 10/20/10

Author & Patriot
Vince Flynn
@The Reagan Library 10/20/10


Yesterday the United States and the free world lost one of its greatest citizens – author Vince Flynn. Not only was Flynn a great author but he was also, as the many tributes and obituaries written about him in the last 24 hours attest, a Great American.

(Click Here To Read Flynn’s Obituary in His Hometown Paper)

Pat & I had the great pleasure to meet and spend a little time with him at a reception and book signing that preceded a talk that he gave at the Reagan Library in October 2010. This was less than a month before he was diagnosed with the cancer that took his life. In our brief chat, we found him to be very friendly and personable. He seemed to be the kind of guy with whom you would like to have a few beers.

His talk was both informative and sobering.  In listening to him you could tell that he very much believed that the threats that he fictionalized in his thrillers were very real and that he believed that our government was not doing enough to deal with them. Above all, he demonstrated to his audience that he was a patriotic American who was fighting terror in the way that he could do it best. That is by making us aware of the threat and the unseen, nameless, faceless heroes who fight the good fight around the world on all of our behalf.

Yesterday, I pondered best how I could remember and memorialize Vince. As I did so the tributes were coming in from his friends, from colleagues, from politicians, from pundits and his millions of fans. Rush Limbaugh spent half of his broadcast yesterday remembering Vince and his friendship with him.  Glenn Beck broke down as he remembered Flynn on his TV show.  Bridgette Bardot came out of seclusion to mourn him. Fellow mystery writers Brad Thor, Tom Clancy and David Balducci all eloquently eulogized their former competitor in prose that I could never hope to write. It was then that it occurred to me that perhaps the best way I could memorialize Vince Flynn was to share with my friends and readers the talk that Pat & I were privileged to hear him deliver at the Reagan Library on October 20th 2010.

(Click Here To View Vince Flynn’s Talk)

at The Reagan Library

The Crusty Conservative



Vince Flynn

1966 – 2013


Rest In Peace

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