The Crusty Conservative & his wife launch new website & blog

Dear Readers,

For the past several months, the Crusty Conservative and his wife Pat have been working almost full time to develop a new, separate and additional website.

Starting today the “We Remember Blog”  is up and running.

Published by  Pat and Frank Fleming, this website & blog is a means of sharing our memories about growing up in the 1940’s and 1950s in small town America – a different time and a different place.

Over the years, our kids, the grand kids, and others have suggested that we chronicle some of our memories and share some of our “war stories” about growing up in the 1940s and 1950s. The We Remember Blog” hopefully will allow us to do that in a continually evolving, interactive and fun manner. Additionally, the “We Remember Blog” hopefully will provide a mechanism that will allow other people to sharpen and expand on our recollections by adding memories of their own and telling their war stories along side of ours

Although for context and background, we will have to make available to our readers  a little background info (found in the various appendices to the site) about who we are, where we grew up and about our families, this blog is not intended to be an autobiography. Rather, it is a simple compilation of war stories from another era and a look at things that we still remember from growing up in the 1940s and 1950s – things, places, experiences  and people who are no longer here or at least no longer easily remembered.

Hopefully, as we publish this material our younger readers will be moved to ask questions about those memories and our older readers will be moved to refresh our memories, add their own memories and share stories about the life and times in which they grew up.

Whatever your age, please contribute and make the “We Remember Blog” a piece of living history using the comment box provided in each post to “comment”, ask questions, or add your own memories and “War Stories” to this blog. You may also contact us at

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Pat & Frank Fleming – September 2014


PS. Now that the “We Remember Blog” & website is up and running, Frank will once again start offering regular caustic comments about life in a liberal world via his Crusty Conservative website.  ff