The 2014 Congressional Elections In Perspective…

 …“An Onside Kick Recovery”

republican victory

GOP Home Crowd Cheers 2014 Election Results

Last Tuesday’s election reminds me of a football game in which the loosing home team recovers an “onside” kick. Although the home crowd goes wild, what does it really mean? It is not a win. It is not even a score. Rather it is simply an opportunity.  It simply means that the home team gets another chance to attempt to score and perhaps win the game. That is all. What the recovering team does with the ball after the recovery, not the recovery itself, is what really counts. Does the home team turn the recovered kick into a winning score or do they stall where the ball was recovered. Or, do they fumble the ball back over to the opposition? In other words – It is what the recovering team does with the opportunity that counts.

The same is true of last Tuesday night’s congressional election results which remind me of a recovered “onside kick”. Most certainly, the Republicans gave their fans something to cheer about. But the question now is – “What Do The Republicans Do With The Ball (or the opportunity) Now That They Have It”?

republicanWill the momentum of the recovered “onside kick” stall and will the gridlock in Washington continue? Or, do the Republicans stumble or fumble and turn the ball back over to the Democrats in the next election? Or, do they advance the ball with a bold, conservative, scoring agenda to a final and complete victory over the despot in the White House and his liberal legions? Only if the Republicans can capitalize on the opportunity that the recovery of the “onside kick” provided them and go on to put points on the board and win will we have a real reason to cheer. Last Tuesday night’s election results, like a recovered “onside kick’ may well have been a turning point, but whether it was a game breaker will only be determined by what the Republicans do with the ball. Playing offense is much different than doing what the Republicans have been doing for the last decade – excelling at having a great defense. We will have to wait and see.


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–John Dickinson, Letters of Fabius, 1788