Thank You American Taxpayers

Quick Quip – Thank You American Taxpayers, but you shouldn’t have done it!

$10 million cost to fight So. Calif. fire shared by all taxpayers.

$10 million cost to fight So. Calif. fire shared by all taxpayers.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of the taxpayers outside of California for their kind but forced generosity in covering the $10 million costs of fighting a brush fire here in Southern California.

Three weeks ago, there was a major brush fire across town from where I live. At its height, 2,000 + firefighters from as far as 400 miles away were involved in fighting the fire which threatened 4,000+ homes and eventually consumed over 28,000 acres of brush, park land and agriculture property.

The firefight was not without cost. Although no homes were lost to the fire, the cost of fighting it was estimated to be in excess of $10 million. However, fear not for the local jurisdictions within whose borders the fire burnt. Low and behold, it was announced this week that the federal government (meaning taxpayers from as far away as Florida and Maine) will foot the bill.

I sincerely thank all taxpayers for your generosity but I also sincerely question why you should have to pay the costs of a local firefighting effort. Is that the duty of taxpayers who probably never heard of Camarillo, Point Magu or Newbury Park – the areas that their tax dollars paid to defend from the fire? Is that the role of the federal government and if so why?  Spreading the wealth? Is it the shared burden imposed by socialism? Who knows?

Thank you taxpayers but is your gift really necessary or for that matter appropriate?  You shouldn’t have done it!


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