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Please fly your American Flag 1/7

As an independent voter,The Crusty Conservative has great admiration for the last President of the United States who was a member of neither the Republican nor the Democratic parties –

Millard Fillmore

(January 7, 1800 – March 8, 1874)


The 13th President of the United States (1850–1853) was neither a Democrat nor a Republican. As Zachary Taylor‘s vice president, he assumed the presidency after Taylor’s death. Fillmore was a lawyer from western New York state. He was a vocal opponent of the policies of President Andrew Jackson and his Democratic Party. In particular, he supported the supremacy of Congress over the Presidency and favored a program of modernization, banking and economic protectionism to stimulate American  manufacturing.

Please join me and fly your American Flag tomorrow

(Thursday 2/7/16)…

American flag flying

to celebrate his birthday 

& Honor

President Millard Fillmore

Thank You For Your Service



presidential seal

The Rusty Conservative

January 6, 2016


Special Note: Several readers have asked why we do not fly