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Another Example of Govt. Intelligence – Save the Citrus – Door to Door!

Another Example of Govt. Intelligence  (i.e. Waste) 

Save the Citrus –

Door to Door ?

Ca dept agriculture badgeOne morning last week, the doorbell at our house rang and I went to our front gate to see who our visitors were. There stood a very attractive twentyish young lady dressed in a forest green uniform on which a gold badge of some kind was embroidered.

She very quickly and politely introduced herself as a California Department of Agriculture agent and inquired if we had any citrus trees. When I responded that we did not, she informed me that California citrus crops were threatened by a small worm like bug that had been recently discovered in the state. If the bug was not found and eradicated, the state’s multi-million dollar citrus industry could be decimated. She then thanked me for my time, gave me a flyer with a picture and descriptions of a miniscule bug and asked me to call the Agriculture Department if I saw a bug that looked like the one in the picture.

When she left, I couldn’t help but think that there had to be a better, more efficient and more cost-effective way to handle this threat rather than sending uniformed agents door to door looking for a tiny bug. This is especially true since I live at least 10 or 15 miles from the nearest agriculture area. While I realize that citrus is a big money crop in Southern California and the state Agriculture Department should be concerned with treats to the citrus orchards, this had to be a high magnitude “make work project”. How many agents would it take to visit a majority or even a significant number of the households in Southern California (or for that matter just our county) in a reasonable time – 100s, 1000s?  And at what cost?  Or is it one of the most flagrant cases of “government intelligence”  wasting taxpayers money yet – Huh?

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