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Two Great “Ladies” Die – Thatcher & Funicello

Yesterday – April 8 2013 – the world lost two great “Ladies” Margaret Thatcher and Annette Funicello.

Lady Margaret Thatcher

Lady Margaret Thatcher


Neither Pat nor I ever met Margaret Thatcher but we both admired her as a partner of  Ronald Reagan in the defeat of communism and as a leader of the free world.  Although not a crusty conservative, she was a true conservative. While the world remembers her as the “Iron Lady’, the “Crusty Conservative” will always remember her and refer to her as the “Iron Conservative” because of her strong, iron like dedication to conservative principles. But, she was and always will be a “Lady”.

Pat and I, however did know and loved Annette initially from a distance and later as a very pleasant dinner partner. In the mid to late 50s, every student

Lady Annette Funicello

Lady Annette Funicello

at Villanova University, where we were both students, was in love with Annette. Every afternoon at 5 PM, hundreds of students would put on Mouseketeer hats and crowd into the campus snack shop to watch the Mickey Mouse Club and sing along with our favorite Mouseketeer – Annette  “M I C…K E Y MOUSE….”  I can still picture Don Luzzi, the huge Captain of our football team, standing at attention, Mouseketeer hat on his head, hand over his heart, joining the Mouseketters on the TV in singing the Mickey Mouse Club Anthem. As time passed, we then watched Annette as a teenager in the Beach Party movies with Frankie Avalon and then come into our living rooms as a wholesome young mother selling wholesome peanut butter in TV commercials.

Many years later, Pat and I had the opportunity to accidently share adjoining tables, dinner, a few laughs and a great conversation with Annette and her husband at the Valley Inn Restaurant in Los Angeles. We, of course, knew who she was. And she knew that we knew. But none of us let on. We just had a simple, fun conversation among two couples who had common interests. In person, Annette the former teenage heart throb,  had become a very, very nice “Lady” in every sense of the word.

May both “Lady Thatcher” and “Lady Funicello” rest in peace and be always remembered for all of the good things that they contributed to the world.

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