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“The Crusty Conservative” Honors…

…George Washington On His Birthday For What He Did Not Do!


Today on “The Father of Our Country” George Washington’s Birthday, Americans will bewashington thanksgiving remembering (hopefully) all of the many and great things that Washington did for this country and his numerous contributions to our freedom. The “Crusty Conservative” however chooses to honor him for something that he did not do which probably had a greater, more lasting and more profound effect on the United States than anything that he did do.

After the American Revolution and while the U.S. Constitution was being written and debated, great pressure was exerted on the drafters to establish the office of King of North America and to appoint George Washington to the throne. Fortunately, the effort failed primarily due to Washington’s outright opposition to establishing a monarchy and his outright, almost obstinate refusal to even consider becoming the first King of North America.

Of all of his numerous contributions to our country, his refusal to accept a monarchical form of government and his personal refusal to accept the Crown was undoubtedly one of, if not, his greatest acts. Without his courage in standing up and opposing those who wanted to establish a monarchy and refusing to accept their proffered appointment to become king, the United States would to this day be ruled by royalty –

God Forbid and

Thank God for George Washington!

An interesting foot note is that had Washington accepted the Crown and become king, it would have set up the greatest of ironies. In that, the Colonists would have fought a bloody and costly war to oust the tyrant King George III of England only to replace him with another King George (Washington) I.

    What was!                                                       What Might Have Been!


King George III of England


       King George I of North America

The Crusty Conservative


The Crusty Conservative

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“… individuals may injure a whole society, by not declaring their sentiments.

It is therefore not only their right, but their duty, to declare them.”

–John Dickinson, Letters of Fabius, 1788

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