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Obama Causes Another Crisis

5/7/14 – LA Traffic Crisis

In the Chinese language the word “crisis” is written as two characters. The first character represents “danger” while the second stands for “opportunity”.



Every time that Obama visits Los Angeles for one of his frequent fundraisers, he puts LA’s fragile, congested traffic system in danger of gridlock and total collapse. Miles and miles of freeway lanes and surface streets are cordoned for him while hundreds of intersections are closed to allow his large motorcades safe and swift passage.


Tonight, the Los Angeles’ traffic system will again be in real danger of total collapse as Air

Presidential Gridlock

Presidential Gridlock

Force One touches down at LAX at exactly 5 PM. The arrival will be followed, at the height of rush hour, by two large presidential motorcades through West LA, Culver City, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills enroute to a fundraiser in Bel Air and then back to Century City. These motorcades will bring the entire Westside of Los Angeles to a standstill during rush hours and put commuters in danger of complete gridlock.

According to the Chinese definition of the word crisis, tonight’s motorcades will raise the gridlock danger to the crisis level as the element of opportunity is added to the imminent traffic dangers.  Los Angeles all news radio station KNX has identified a major opportunity for them from the impending traffic nightmare and are capitalizing on it. They have announced that their newly established “Special Presidential Motorcade Traffic Desk” will be operational all afternoon and evening bringing up to the minute traffic info to listeners every 5 minutes. Rumor has it that the costs of commercials on that station before and after these frequent “Special Presidential Motorcade Traffic Reports” have more than doubled from their normal costs. Congratulations to KNX on their resourcefulness in identifying and exploiting this opportunity and raising what would normally be just another danger to the level of a crisis.

Danger + Opportunity = Crisis

Courtesy of Obama & KNX tonight in LA!


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