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The Crusty Conservative and his wife Pat meet with former Republican Senator (KS) and 1996 Presidential Candidate Bob Dole

Bob Dole inducted into the Crusty Conservative’s HALL OF FAME

“The Crusty Conservative’s”

Hall of Fame


The Crusty Conservative and his wife Pat meet with former Republican Senator (KS) and 1996 Presidential Candidate Bob Dole

Former Presidential Candidate Bob Dole with the Crusty Conservative and his wife Pat at the described Inner Circle event.

Senator Bob Dole

(Republican Kansas)

A Classy Politician

The “Crusty Conservative” and Pat have known and respected Bob Dole from the era when the “CC” was a young Washington lobbyist and Bob was Senate Minority Leader.

The “CC’s” first meeting with the Senator was when the two physically collided while both were rapidly turning a corner in the Dirksen Senate Office Building. Bob demonstrated his good nature and sense of humor by responding to our collision with a joke and an introduction.

The same evening the Senator greeted Pat and the “CC” at a trade association reception by quipping to the CC – “you’re the guy who tried to tackle me this afternoon outside my office”. Little did we realize when Bob introduced his escort, Betsey Hanford – a FTC Commissioner – that we had the privilege of being with the future Mr. and Mrs. Dole on their first date.

Shortly after the 1996 election Pat and I attended a meeting of the Republican Senatorial Inner Circle in Washington. Senator Dole was the key-note Speaker at the meeting. When introduced Bob took the podium and spent about 10 minutes entertaining us with self-deprecating jokes about the campaign and his “nodding and believe me only nodding” acquaintance with his more famous next door neighbor and Clinton girl friend Miss Monica Lewinsky.

Then the senator proceeded to do the most gracious thing that the “Crusty Conservative” had witnessed in over 50 years of following and observing politics and politicians. He said all of you in this room are Republican activists and supporters. You have all heard my political speeches and opinions so rather than bore you with more of the same, “I would like to personally shake each of your hands and personally thank you for all of your support over the years. Please line up on the ‘right’ side of the room and come up here and let me extend my personal thanks” – What a class act.

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