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We (will always) Remember our visits to the –

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Training Facilities

as part of a unique group that the Blue Angels team refers to as “Hay Balers”

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Posted 4/23/15

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New Word Coined 



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Posted 4/17/15

The Women of the White House 2016?

Who would you choose to replace this one?

m obama

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Posted 4/8/15

Additional Follow-up –

to “Could This Be Why” post



Posted 3/31/15

The Best Summation of Barack & Michelle Obama Ever

Written By a Black Clergyman

mychal massie

Rev. Mychal Massie



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NYC protest 12.3.14

A Spontaneous Demonstration… 

Posted 12/4/14

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His Lord & Emperor Obama the First  Suspends the Constitution and Declares Himself Supreme Ruler & Fuhrer

Posted 12/4/14

Super Bowl XLIV

The 2014 Congressional Elections in Perspective –  An Onside Kick Recovery At Best!

Posted 11/14/14

italian pows 3

A link to Pat & Frank Fleming’s post on the “we remember blog” and website about how one of Frank’s friends remembers being coached  in Los Angeles Schools by Italian POWs during World War II & entertaining them in his home

 Posted 10/10/14

pow camp

A link to Frank Fleming’s post on the “we remember blog” in which tells a real War Story about how he met a real German POW near the end of World War II

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–John Dickinson, Letters of Fabius, 1788

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