Olympic Moments 2014 – February 11th Update

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February 11th Update

 The Crusty Conservative’s Ongoing Commentary re the 2014 Winter Olympics


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Snoring Your Way to A Gold Medal –cross country

With all due respect to cross-country skiers and fans of this sport,I have to try my best to stay awake during the competition. This week while watching some of the cross-country skiing events at the Sochi Olympics, I found myself either dosing off or eagerly awaiting the next commercial for some excitement. While this sport, I am sure, is exciting for the participants and requires great skill and physical effort, please forgive me if I say that “Cross Country Skiing is not quite ready for Prime Time”. 

The Crusty Conservative – Posted 2/11/14


“Don’t Do As I Do – Do As I Say” –

Russian Figure Skating Coach

Russian Figure Skating Coach

Russia is famous for its great, well coached figure skaters and so far that tradition continues into the 2014 Olympics. However, watching the Russian coaches after the early events  greeting and congratulating their skaters as they returned  from their performances , it is very obvious that the coaches do not lead by example. Can you imagine one of these coaches actually physically demonstrating how to do a “toe lift” , a “triple axel”, a “salchow” or a “death spiral”? I don’t think so.

Rather they obviously all coach by the old adage which obviously works – “Don’t Do As I Do – Do As I Say”

The Crusty Conservative – Posted 2/11/14


Previously Posted Content:

opeaning ceremony 2                                                                           opeaning ceremony


I finally got to watch the Olympics’ Opening Ceremonies last night via TVO. I thought that it was spectacular and don’t remember ever seeing anything quite

like it.All weekend I heard the press reporting on the electronic snowflake that did not morph into the 5th Olympic ring during the ceremony. Get a life – that one electronic glitch did not in any way detract from a spectacular ceremony and pageant. It was like having the press complain about a burnt out street light in a night picture of New York City from outer space.

The Crust Conservative – Posted 2/10/2014


olympic uniforms

  • LIKE A BAD CHRISTMAS GIFT – The US Olympic Committee and designer Ralph Lauren once again joined forces to design parade uniforms for the 2014 US Winter Olympic Team. Like the uniforms that Lauren designed for the 2012 Summer Games, that looked like a something that a socialite would wear to a 1920s lawn party, this year’s uniforms look like the proverbial Christmas gift sweater – so tasteless that its only use is as drawer lining

The Crust Conservative – Posted 2/10/2014

•	Irina Shayk escorts the Russian delegation the Opening Ceremony of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics
•Irina Shayk escorts the Russian delegation the Opening Ceremony of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

• Irina Shayk escorts the Russian delegation the Opening Ceremony of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

GRAND ENTRY-Russia’s finest was on display during the Opening Ceremony for the Sochi Olympics, including one of its most famous faces ―

and figures.Supermodel Irina Shayk escorted the Russian delegation into Fisht Stadium, working the ramp like a runway, in her elaborate costume and headpiece. She tweeted about the experience afterwards: “So happy and proud to be a part of the opening ceremony#sochi2014#olympics❤”

The 28-year-old is usually clad in far less; she was the cover model for the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and has done campaigns for Agua Bendita swimwear.

2011 sports Illustrated Cover

2011 sports Illustrated Cover






As pseudo-cousin Ian Fleming once wrote – 

“Fr0m Russia With Love” 



The Crust Conservative – Posted 2/10/2014


  • Why does NBC have sports anchor Bob Costas dressing in a suit and tie every night while hosting the winter olympics? The poor guy who is already uncomfortable, because he must wear his costasglasses vs. contacts because of an eye infection, looks not only uncomfortable but grossly out of place hosting this sporting event in a full suit and tie. He would look much more appropriate and more comfortable in ski sweater and slacks or anything more casual. NBC – please give the guy a break. He is not covering a dignitary’s funeral, a formal social event or a State of the Union speech. It is a casual sporting event. Loosen up and stop taking yourself and the event so seriously.

The Crusty Conservative  – Posted Sunday 2/9/2014




  • 2014 US  Olympic TeamThe US Olympic team in Sochi is comprised of 230 athletes and over 400 officials. Say What – two officials for every competitor? And they say the Olympics is all about the athletes! Come again, it like the old ethnic joke – How many (name you ethnic group) does it take to screw in a light bulb?

The Crusty Conservative  – Posted Sunday 2/9/2014

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