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   Paul Newman

  1925 – 2008

   Actor, Liberal Activist and a genuine A..hole!

One Sunday morning in the mid 1980s the “Crusty Conservative” was sitting in the American Airlines’ Admirals Club lounge at LA airport having a cup of coffee while waiting for a flight to Washington, DC. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a gentleman enter and proceed directly to the bar and order a drink. Although I am not a “Star Gazer”, I immediately identified this man to be movie star and outspoken liberal  Paul Newman. After collecting his drink Newman slowly walked around the facility, in and out of every room, obviously enjoying the recognition that he received as he strolled about the club drink in hand.

Finally after he was sure that everyone in the club knew that he was there. He strolled over and sat down facing me in one of the chairs in the cluster where I was seated. With  nods of our heads another gentleman in that area and myself  acknowledged his joining us. Newman picked up a newspaper on the table and began reading the front page. As he did so he rather loudly commented on every story on the front page and provided a flowing liberal commentary on the news combined with a stinging assessment of then President Ronald Reagan and his administration. This was before the time when I became crusty enough to comment back, so I just rather meekly sat and listened to his harangue.

As I sat there listening to him, I observed two young girls – maybe 10 or 12 years old respectively, standing 8 or 10 feet in back of Newman whispering back and forth. It was obvious they were trying to generate the mutual courage to approach this Hollywood idol. Finally they approached him and one very politely said “Excuse us Mr. Newman, but could we get your autograph”. Without hesitation Newman said in a gruff voice “No, I don’t give autographs” and turned away.

I will never forget the look of embarrassment and dejection in those poor girls faces as they quickly retreated. So much for caring liberals and their concern “for the children”. That day Paul Newman – the concerned liberal earned a permanent place on the “Crusty Conservative’s” Wall of Shame by publicly humiliated two young girls simply because they dared to ask for his autograph.


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–John Dickinson, Letters of Fabius, 1788

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