Who is The “Crusty Conservative” ?

“The Crusty Conservative” turns off talk shows when they start taking phone calls from the public because he firmly believes that anyone expressing an opinion in a public forum should first identify themselves and also recite their qualifications before rendering that opinion. In keeping with that standard, “The Crusty Conservative” is pleased to identify himself and list his qualifications to offer caustic comment via this website.

The Crusty Conservative and his wife Pat meet with former Republican Senator (KS) and 1996 Presidential Candidate Bob Dole

Former Presidential Candidate Bob Dole with the Crusty Conservative and his wife Pat.

Frank Fleming is “The Crusty Conservative” and is a lifelong conservative who has been married to his wife Pat for over 50 years. They are the parents of three grown children and have five grandchildren ranging in age from 12 to 28.

Following graduation from Villanova University, Frank was commissioned in the US Air Force Medical Service Corps. Following a subsequent successful business career, Frank retired in 1999 with 40+ years of hands-on experience in sales, marketing, general management, and government relations. An economist by training, Frank’s experience ranges from senior management and staff activities with a large multinational company to founding and directing a successful medical device manufacturing company.

Frank has been involved in politics since he was 12 years old when he organized the neighborhood kids to support Harold Stassen’s unsuccessful bid for the 1948 Republican presidential nomination.. With the exception of the current President, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton, Frank has met every President since Franklin Roosevelt.

During his business career, he had over 15 years of experience in the area of business-government relations, twice serving as a registered lobbyist for business firms including a major multinational concern. In the past, Pat and he have been active members of the Republican Senatorial Committee’s Inner Circle group.  Although Pat continues to be a member of the Thousand Oaks (CA) Republican Women’s Federation, more recently Frank has become less active in Republican Party politics and presently considers himself primarily as an unaffiliated Tea Party Conservative with great affinity to Libertarian principles.

Mr. Fleming was one of the founders of Chad Therapeutics, Inc. and until 1999 actively participated in all phases of that company’s growth as Marketing Director, VP of Marketing, Executive Vice President and finally as President and Chief Operating Officer.. Frank retired as President of this of the 20+ million dollar publically traded company in 1999 to pursue a successful career as a business consultant.

As he gets older, Frank gets more conservative, crustier, and more opinionated. Tired of hearing him talk back to the political pundits on radio and TV, Pat told him recently to “shut up and write a book”. While it is not a book, this website is his response to her challenge..



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